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Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Co. sells through distributors throughout the USA - We ship from within your state. Biljax Steel Scaffolding, EZ Lift Aluminum Scaffolding Call Toll Free: 1-800-660-1311
Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Co. sells through distributors throughout the USA - We ship from within your state. Platform Ladders, Attic Ladders, Cage and Wall Ladders, Extension Ladders Sunset Ladder & Scaffold Logo
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Steel Dock and Wall Ladder

Notice to Our Customers:
Shipping will be in addition to the prices shown. See Shipping Info for details.
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Steel Dock/Wall Ladder Steel Dock/Wall Ladder
Features 42” Walk Thru with Boarding Rails
  • 1" steel pipe for the sides and boarding rails
  • Rungs are welded to 3/4" solid round bars
  • Rungs are spaced on 12" centers with an inside dimension of 18" wide, and outside width of 24"
  • Ladder mounts 7" away from wall
  • Sturdy predrilled flat supports
  • Walk-Thru model has boarding rails which extends 42" above the top rung
  • Rust resistant yellow paint coating
  • Bolts to wall and dock surface.
We respect your time. There are some standard questions that we will need to ask in order to give you an
accurate estimate. To better serve you, please fill out and submit this form prior to calling.
Model Description of Item Weight Mfg. List Discount Available?
ACC3-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 36” Dock Hgt 51 lbs. $331.00 Call For Discount
ACC4-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 48” Dock Hgt 72 lbs. $363.00 Call For Discount
ACC5-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 60” Dock Hgt 80 lbs. $392.00 Call For Discount
ACC6-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 72” Dock Hgt 89 lbs. $419.00 Call For Discount
ACC7-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 84” Dock Hgt 97 lbs. $449.00 Call For Discount
ACC8-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 96” Dock Hgt 106 lbs. $480.00 Call For Discount
ACC9-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 108” Dock Hgt 121 lbs. $544.00 Call For Discount
ACC10-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder - 120” Dock Hgt 129 lbs. $572.00 Call For Discount
ACC11-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 138 lbs. $601.00 Call For Discount
ACC12-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 147 lbs. $628.00 Call For Discount
ACC13-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 155 lbs. $655.00 Call For Discount
ACC14-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 164 lbs. $686.00 Call For Discount
ACC15-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 178 lbs. $751.00 Call For Discount
ACC16-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 187 lbs. $782.00 Call For Discount
ACC17-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 196 lbs. $808.00 Call For Discount
ACC18-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 204 lbs. $838.00 Call For Discount
ACC19-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 213 lbs. $868.00 Call For Discount
Regulations may require access ladders greater than 20’ in height to be equipped with a cage.
ACC20-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 222 lbs. $895.00 Call For Discount
ACC21-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 236 lbs. $961.00 Call For Discount
ACC22-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 245 lbs. $991.00 Call For Discount
ACC23-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 253 lbs. $1018.00 Call For Discount
ACC24-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 262 lbs. $1048.00 Call For Discount
ACC25-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 271 lbs. $1075.00 Call For Discount
ACC26-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 279 lbs. $1103.00 Call For Discount
ACC27-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 294 lbs. $1171.00 Call For Discount
ACC28-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 303 lbs. $1200.00 Call For Discount
ACC29-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 311 lbs. $1227.00 Call For Discount
ACC30-BR Steel Dock/Wall Ladder 320 lbs. $1255.00 Call For Discount
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